Make Your Own Coffee Pod shoot set up.

My plan: a duel camera shoot on how to make your own coffee pods (like those used for the Senseo coffee maker.)

I did the set up tonight so I can shoot first thing in the morning. No shower, no brush, just the pure glamour of me right out of bed. Just like you would have to do, if you were out of coffee pods in the morning. If I can make it happen (with cameras rolling,) it’s easy enough anyone can do it.

Here’s the final result


Will iPhone go to the prom with Verizon, even though they fight on the playground?

I looked for something on AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity deal expiring, but all I found were rumors and even stories about the rumors.

If a 2010 Apple deal with Verison is in the works, I don’t think Verison would have used the Droid as a direct attack on the iPhone and I don’t think Apple’s latest iPhone campaign would be aimed at Verizon’s network (not just a handset.)

Sure I could see AT&T vs. Verizon, or Apple vs. Google & Motorola, but when Apple and Verison are directly going at it, will seven months be enough time for them to kiss and make up?

Hollywood’s Recycle Bin (or Box)

In Se7en Brad Pitt asked “What’s in the box?” Now The Box is headed to theaters and this one is not filled with Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. This one has a button, and a past.

The Box is based on the short story Button, Button, written by Richard Matheson. So if you don’t have 1 hours and 55 minutes to burn at the theater, here’s a 20 minute version from The Twilight Zone.

Part 1 of Button, Button

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