Hey, I’m an asshole with a blog. Maybe it’s time for me to chime in on the big issues of the day. Seems like that’s the thing to do. Get a blog, form an opinion, and tell the world. So here goes.

Economic bail out.
Does it suck: Yes
Does something need to be done: Yes
Who wins: Nobody.

Presidential election.
Is McCain running for president: Yes
Is Obama running for president: Yes
Is there a question the American people should be asking: Yes. Why would you want that job now?

Foreign oil.
Do we need so much: Yes
Should we need so much: No
What can I do: Buy me a hybrid, ’cause I can’t afford one. Continue reading “Issues”


Signal Yo-Yo

There’s a great new app for the iPhone!

It’s called Signal Yo-Yo. And if you use AT&T you already have it, no extra download required. Here’s the best part, you don’t have to do a thing. I played by simply leaving my phone sitting on my desk!

Here’s a screen shot from my game!


Stopped by my shopping spot. Picked up the things I needed and went to check out. I was over the ten item limit, so I found a short all-you-can-buy line and took my place.

After a while the folks in front of me left the line with a heavy sigh. The checker was moving slow. She inspected every piece of produce, looked up the number, typed it in, and saw what each one rang up as, before moving on to repeat the prossest.

Patience is important and I was in no hurry.

Finally my turn. Everything in my cart had a bar code, none of that fresh stuff for me. But that did not change the pace of pricing. Each item was given extra special attention.

Then the finale, coupons. Only two, but one was a tricky buy-one-get-one-free. This added several minutes to the procces. Managers were called, other checkers stopped by to help, the people behind me finally left, leaving all their groceries waiting on the belt.

But we made it through. I learned that, this was Monika’s third day on the job, and she was very sweet with her little German accent.

I discovered the biggest surprise when I got home. While putting away my goods, I found that my package of gummi bears had been opened. Not a small hole in the package, but totaly ripped open. They weren’t that way when I put them in my cart. They weren’t that way when Monika inspected and scanned them. The only person between my checker and my unpacking was a bagged, who some would call “slow.” I suppose that’s the price one pays for using a coupon in a slow line. And hey, at least he made sure my bread didn’t get smashed.


You hear people called douche bags all the time. Perhaps this term is being over used. It’s just too general.

Here my proposal. I know it’s small, but if we all chip away at this problem, we can make some real progress.

If someone earns the badge of douche bag for being nosey, or for smelling bad (too much cologne/perfume,) neti pot should be used as a substitute.

Yay I got a blog!

I enjoy several blogs, so I figured it’s time to get one. Some are full of humor, others have great first person news, and some even have useful info for work. This blog, however, promises none of those things. This one falls more into the poetry category. Not that it is full of beautiful language and raw emotion. More like poetry in that more people write it then read it.

So how long does it take a blog to die? This too will get old and join my other web adventures. My GeoCities web pages from the mid 90’s, my resent MySpace project, and YouTube is only hanging on by the power of the Summer Mummers Moviolas. I am the dead beat dad of the internet.

Sure, I’ll update it like crazy at first, then maybe once a week, then a few times a month. Then I skip a few months, before you know it a year goes by and I post, “Things have been really crazy ‘round here. I know it’s been a while but I’ll start updating again real soon, I promise.” And I will break that promise, never to be heard from again.

So let the adventure begin!