The Bar Life

(30 Day Without Body Wash)

About a month ago I went on my weekly visit to the grocery store. I had checked the fridge and cupboards before leaving home, and had a full list of my needs filled out. I loaded my basket, helped bag my own goods, and even used a coupon to save a dollar. Quite a success. Or so I thought.

The next morning I had my granola-pineapple-yogurt breakfast, fresh milk and coffee, and even a new carton of coconut water for after my run. The real surprise hit me when I stepped into the shower. My bottle of body wash was on its last leg. I forgot just a day ago, I had inverted it thinking, “Good thing I’m going to the store. This thing has one, maybe two days left at best.” My destiny was set, another trip to the supermarket, for the dreaded one forgotten item.

After exhausting the last of my body wash and drying off, I began to weigh my options. I could try to squeeze in an early visit before work, but that would most certainly make me late. I could swing by during lunch, but I had just purchased the makings of an epic salad that I didn’t want to miss. The only possibility was another post-work shopping trip, with packed parking lots and long lines. Then it hit me. Maybe I didn’t have to go at all. Maybe I could make do with the bar soap I still had under the sink.

Now it wasn’t about avoiding the store, now it was a challenge. Could I make it, not just a week, but an entire month on bar soap alone? The following is a chronicle of my 30 day journey I like to call, The Bar Life.
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