Hollywood’s Recycle Bin (or Box)

In Se7en Brad Pitt asked “What’s in the box?” Now The Box is headed to theaters and this one is not filled with Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. This one has a button, and a past.

The Box is based on the short story Button, Button, written by Richard Matheson. So if you don’t have 1 hours and 55 minutes to burn at the theater, here’s a 20 minute version from The Twilight Zone.

Part 1 of Button, Button

Part 2 of Button, Button

But if you’re still thinking, “Twenty minute for a story about a box with one button? Are you kidding? I fell asleep 10 minutes into The Piano, and that thing had 88 keys.” Here’s a similar story about a one button box call Black Button, and it’s only 7 minutes.

A new movie, not a so much new idea.

Here’s my favorite box video, and it’s even named What’s in the Box. I have no idea what it’s about or what it’s for. (Here’s a YouTube link, the one below is better, but not iPhone friendly.)


But if you do go see The Box, let me know what’s going on with Frank Langella’s face.

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