iPhone Netbook

Here’s my crazy idea.

A small Netbook that work off the iPhone.

I have an iPhone (1st gen for now, but just imagine) and I have a netbook (Dell Vostro A90 running Ubuntu,) If I could combine them, now that would be great.

I love the auto correct system on the iPhone, it knows what I’m typing better than I do. But for full screen text editing, video and picture viewing, it’s nice to have a full (mini) keyboard, at least a 9″ screen, and stereo speakers.

A shell of a notebook, 9″ screen, a small keyboard and touch pad (or if you want fancy, touchscreen,) no processor, no hard drive, nothing but a plug for a power cord, and a giant slot for an iPhone.  You just slide in your phone and hit on and you have a netbook with a 32gig SSD running the iPhone OS. It could be wifi or 3G tethered through the iPhone. Any app’s could be installed through the Apples App Store.

The main menu screen would need to be reconfigured for landscape mode when docked and some of the app’s would need a tweak for this, but everything else is there. OS, hard-drive, wifi, 3G, even a headphone jack and sleep wake button.

The iBook would need an internal battery to support the extra screen size (and like the Mophie Juice Pack, could feed the iPhone, too.) When you plug it in you could charge both.

Tie a simple web camera at the top of the screen to the iPhone 3GS’s camera and you have your front facing iChat camera.

I’m sure there’s other issues like screen resolution but c’mon, Apple could totally make it happen.

I paid $250 for my Vosttro and $600 for my iPhone (yeah, I was in line the first day,) but if Apple could come up with an iBook (not netbook,) I would pay $300 for the new iPhone 3GS 32gig and another $300 for the enhanced (shell of a computer) dock. (But this time I’ll order online and skip the wait in line.)

After writing this, I went online and found this. http://olo-computer.com/
I think the day will come.