Trash TV

You’ve heard, a casualty of the Dtv transition is old TVs. People are buying new flat screens and their old TVs have nowhere to go. Pawn shops don’t want them. Charities won’t accept them. Even friends and family say “no thanks.” So they end up in the free-please-take-me bin or as it’s better known, next to the dumpster.

I saw these on a Saturday morning run. The one in the shopping cart is a Dora the Explorer set. Sunday both TVs were still there, but the shopping cart was gone.

Wanna free TV? No thanks, but I will take this broken down shopping cart.

Where to Edit Video Online for FREE!

Video editing without software or any hard drive space?  Sounds impossible, but it’s not.  You could even do it with a simple netbook.

Yahoo’s JumpCut is shutting down in June and YouTube killed their Remixer, so I checkout a few alternatives.

I used a Flip Ultra to shoot 23 clips of my drive to work.  The video totaled six and a half minutes and around 170 mb’s.  Uploading to each site took a little over 45 minutes (that’s 7 minutes upload for every 1 minute of video.)  I think the long upload time has more to do with my cable connection than the sites’ limits.  From ok to awesome, here’s what I found.   Read the rest of this entry here…

Get Real (estate), Why don’t people trust real estate agents?

Yesterday, while on a morning walk, I noticed “REDUCED” had been added to a real estate sing. The house has been on the market for a while. I still had the info page from a few weeks ago, but I picked up a new one to see the “reduced” price.Here’s what I found. The price was still $179,000. The new page just had it marked up to $189,900 and crossed out.Isn’t that fancy.