See Spot Die

How many times have you seen this one come around?
High quality generic tv commercials customized for your business, at a price.
And how many times have you seen them stick around.
SpotRunner does this, but with a twist.  They use the internet, that makes it all better!
Nope. Here’s a story from TechCruch about their latest layoffs.  “Throw in natural attrition, and the company, which at one point numbered more than 500 employees, could soon be down to less than 120 people.”

I don’t care how high the quality is, with a small business, in a small market, in tough economic times, if you can still afford the airtime, free production always wins.

Why pay $500 for this…

When you can get this for free…

One Reply to “See Spot Die”

  1. Lonnie. Free production bundled with air time is available through and and The ads are custom made by an award winning crew. These are the best deals in TV advertising today that I am aware of. Thought you might want to know since you mentioned it in your article.

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