Brewster’s Millions II, The Deficit

In part one Montgomery Brewster (Richard Pryor) has just 30 days to blow 30 million dollars. If he does he wins 300 million.

This time he’s in for a real challenge. Brewster has to spend 1.75 Trillion dollars! But to asking him to do this in just 30 days would be unfair.

So let’s do some math. If he spends one million dollars every hour, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, he’ll need almost 200 year to meet the goal.

$1,000,000 x 24 (hours) = $24,000,000
That’s per day.
$24,000,000 x 365 (days) = $8,760,000,000
That’s per year.
$8,760,000,000 x 200 (years) = $1,752,000,000,000
That’s 1.7 Trillion dollars (give or take a Billion.)
And that’s a long movie.

You don’t even want to think about seeing Brewster’s Millions III, The Payback.

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