The REAL Conspiracy of the Dtv Converter Box

If you haven’t seen the “Camera in Digital Convert Boxes! BEWARE!!!!” here it is.

Don’t get too excited.  The whole thing is bunk.  The guy even admitted he just used hot glue and a cellphone camera lens.  The real conspiracy is a bit dull.  Less spy cams and big brother, more money and big idiots.

Back in December of 2008 I saw my first Dtv converter box. It was a light weight black box with a few buttons that felt cheap.  If my memory’s not mistaken, it was prices at $40.  It made sense, the government would be sending out $40 coupons, so why charge any less.

Then in 2009 the government sent out those coupons.  The price mysteriously went up.  Since then, I think I’ve seen a box once for $45.  But only once, and I can’t even remember where it was.

This is what a quick online price check turned up:, $49.87 for a Magnavox, $49.99 for a Venturer, $49.99 for an Apex, $49.99 for a Zenith, $49.99 for a Zenith, $59.99 for a Digital Stream

So here’s my prediction.  After all the coupons expire (my first-wave coupon was set to void after March 9th,) the price will plunge.

Here’s how it goes.  People get the coupons, buy a couple of boxes for ten bucks a pop and think, “When the coupons expire, I can sell these on eBay for at least 25 a piece.”  Wrong!  By then the in-store price will be 25.  “Well, at least I can get 15.”  I don’t think so bub.  Why buy from some dude on eBay when places like will have them at the same price (and I’m sure they’ll though in free shipping from time to time.)  “Oh what am I to do?”  Suffer.  It’s thinking like this that made the government run out of coupons and push the transition date back.

I got lucky.  I found converter boxes for $40 at HEB.


I only need one, I bought one, I’m going to keep one.  Until I see them at Dollar Tree, then I may buy another.

2 Replies to “The REAL Conspiracy of the Dtv Converter Box”

  1. Hi There Lonnie247,
    Along the same lines,, Alright, so I live in Vancouver B.C. so we have not had the DTV Switch yet (Aug. 2011). However I went to the USA to buy a converter box (because DTV was supposed to be so great). When I got the box home it made the signal worse, and I have been back to analog tv ever since I saw how bad the reception was. So I don’t get this whole DTV thing.

    Some things I have heard are:

    *People claiming they have found cameras in the box
    *People claiming DTV was to better regulate what gets to your TV
    *People spending hundreds of dollars on new DTV equipment

    I don’t know what is going on, but something has to be up. Why would we be changing to a system that is worse then the old one is something wasn’t up? Why is cable changing along with everything else?

    None of any of this makes any sense, what is this all about.

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