The REAL Conspiracy of the Dtv Converter Box

If you haven’t seen the “Camera in Digital Convert Boxes! BEWARE!!!!” here it is.

Don’t get too excited.  The whole thing is bunk.  The guy even admitted he just used hot glue and a cellphone camera lens.  The real conspiracy is a bit dull.  Less spy cams and big brother, more money and big idiots.

Back in December of 2008 I saw my first Dtv converter box. Continue reading “The REAL Conspiracy of the Dtv Converter Box”

And the winner is…

I’m sure by now you know who won all the top prizes at last night’s Academy Awards. And if fashion’s your bag, you already know who was wearing what. I’ll leave all these important things to other blogs. The thing I’m here to contemplate is…

Why do people feel the need to brag about how few movies they have seen?

“You know, I haven’t seen a one of those movies.” I heard it all last night and a few times today. Movies aren’t as intellectual as books. I would put them somewhere below theatre but just above TV (entertainment TV, not news.) So it doesn’t make sense to bring this up while watching TV.

Saying “I don’t watch movies,” is right up there with saying “I don’t take vitamins.” It isn’t really much to brag about.

Now if you have seen all the movies up for awards, you may want to keep that to yourself, as well. That’s like bragging about all the vitamins you do take.

Severe tire damage

That’s what driving on a flat tire will get you. They were out of Tire brand tires so they upgraded me to a real brand name tire for free. That’s the fanciest thing added to my car in quite a while.