Half of the Fun Is Just Getting There…

When the temperature drops below 30 degrees, Midland closes Loop 250. Other cities may salt the overpasses and bridges, not here. Here the orange cones come out.

This doesn’t bother me, it’s the drivers that make the commute dangerous. If the loop is closed and no one is getting on, it makes sense that no one will be exiting the loop. There is no need to slow down to 15mph at every yield sign.

It is also a bad idea to drive 50 miles per hour if you plan to slow to 20 every half mile. Split the difference and keep it at 35. That way everyone knows what to expect.

Just tonight, on highway 80, a car slowed to 25ish. So I pulled into the left lane to pass. My 45mph built this drivers confidence, so they sped up. Another driver pulled in behind me, so I finish passing the confident, stubborn drive and move back into the right lane. Speed Racer passed me and starts overtaking another car. The driver of that car didn’t have the increased confidence and decided to take things in the opposite direction. From 45 to 20 in a few hundred feet. Now if the roads are that bad, why would you try slamming on your brakes like this?

Not much left for me to do. Speed Racer in the left lane, Mr. New Confidence right on my tail, and Spooked driver braking hard, I could eat bumper or find a place to hide. I pulled to the right for a shoulder pass. No, not safe. But it did allow Mr. Confidence enough room to slow down, Speed didn’t get any dents and Spooky got to wail on his horn.

Everyone made it out safe, to drive another day. (And to piss me off some more tomorrow.)

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