Good Morning

I love mornings, when done right.  The key is no sudden starts, everything is an ease.  I wake before the sun, so I don’t have to open my eyes to bright light.  The glow of the sun just eases in.  My alarm isn’t a clanging bell or a noisy buzzer.  It’s the sound chirping bird, (yeah I have one of those alarm clocks.)  Music is mellow, and news is consumed in small amounts.  No surprises and no jolts.  Like ice-cream, out of the freezer for ten minutes.  Just glide into my new day.

On the weekends I can drag a morning out well into the after noon.

One thing vital to my good mornings is fresh hot coffee.  Not to chug or drink, but to sip.  Enjoying the steamy smell as it warm the nose.  The smooth flavor as the mouth cautiously fills.  And, the warm glow that starts in the chest and radiates out through the entire body, with every swallow.

Recently my cups of coffee has been getting shallower and shallower.  My coffee maker was easing out of functionality in the same way I ease into my day.  It has been more then two years, maybe three, and every morning my little gurgling friend has delivered.  But now it is time to go.

For around $20 the Proctor Silex has really delivered.  And it gets bonus points for the graceful exit.  The last one cup coffee maker I had was a first generation Black and Decker Home Cafe.  After about a year it gave out with a pop.  Shooting coffee grounds all over me and half the kitchen. Not very nice.

Today I bought a Phillips Senseo.

Like the Black and Decker it uses pressure to brew.  I did like the flavor of pressure cooked coffee, but just to be safe, I think I’ll stay out of the kitchen while it’s doing it’s thing.

I just can’t wait till the sun comes up.
And the next day.

I get up, turned on my new coffee maker, pushed go and walk away. Three minutes later return to find nothing. There’s a few seconds of panic, “No coffee!?!” I remember, you warm it up, then you push go.

And in less then one (noisy) minute, coffee. With foam on it, just like the picture.

Four cups later I decide, I’ll keep it.

UPDATE – I just tried the coffee that came with this coffee maker.  Yuck!  It’s taste like the coffee you get at the oil change place or from a hospital vending machine.  I’ll stick with Folgers.

3 Replies to “Good Morning”

  1. I suggest getting an alarm clock that plays CDs (and use a bird or nature CD.) The bird loop in my clock is only about seven second long. Still much better buzzing, beeping, or clanging. Really, who needs to hear a robot attack first thing in the morning. I also suggest having decaf on hand if you pick up one of these coffee makers. Very tasty.

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