Good Morning

I love mornings, when done right.  The key is no sudden starts, everything is an ease.  I wake before the sun, so I don’t have to open my eyes to bright light.  The glow of the sun just eases in.  My alarm isn’t a clanging bell or a noisy buzzer.  It’s the sound chirping bird, (yeah I have one of those alarm clocks.)  Music is mellow, and news is consumed in small amounts.  No surprises and no jolts.  Like ice-cream, out of the freezer for ten minutes.  Just glide into my new day.

On the weekends I can drag a morning out well into the after noon.

One thing vital to my good mornings is fresh hot coffee.  Not to chug or drink, but to sip.  Enjoying the steamy smell as it warm the nose.  The smooth flavor as the mouth cautiously fills.  And, the warm glow that starts in the chest and radiates out through the entire body, with every swallow. Continue reading “Good Morning”

Words & Music


So far we’ve heard from former Texas speaker Tom Craddick, Midland mayor Wes Perry, Governor Rick Perry, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Also music from Lee Greenwood (somewhere in this picture,) The Gatlin Bros. & Rodney Atkins.

People moving in


Gates just opened. The line’s about 4.5 block long. Country music is being played with. Slide show on the jumbo-tron. Just disolves, they really should have used animoto.