Year End Updates

Time for a little year end house cleaning.  A few things need updating but they’re not big enough for their own posts.  Here’s a few.

Found this one at Stein Mart.

Sorry big girls, you’ll have to try on your cloths elsewhere.

Is Going-Out-of-Business, Going Out of Business?
I found where The Sharper Image went to, after going out of business.

Stein Mart!

11 Ideas for Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping.
This year I did go with the book idea.

Wrapping took longer then I expected I finaly got to bed around 3:30 on Christmas morning.

But the end result looked like hymnals and a few Harry Potter style spell books.

Having a Blast in Downtown. IMPLOSION!
You guessed it. The buildings still down.

And now they’re taking down it’s neighbor.

I just saw this tonight at HEB.  Someone changed their mind and dropped it off next to the the Valentine’s cards.


No Update Here
Just one more funny thing I saw.

Have a wonderful 2009!

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