The Worst Christmas Gift Ever

Just be glad you didn’t find this in your stocking.

Yeah, I saw this at the checkout of HEB. I did the whole newspaper bit so you’d know I’m not lying. Saturday, December 27th, the last day Linens-n-Things was open. I was tempted to buy it, walk in to the store and say, “I’ll take everything!” 

I’m sure I would have had a balance left on my card.

2 Replies to “The Worst Christmas Gift Ever”

  1. I was given a gift card to Linen N Things (only $25). I guess I must have been hibernating the last couple of weeks, because I did not realize all the stores are already closed. I have been told by LNT they no longer accept gift cards on their website even though they are still selling to the public. Do I have any recourse? If so, what?

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