11 Ideas for Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping

Now that my Christmas shopping is almost done the fun part begins. Wrapping!
Like ice sculpture, sand castle, and fireworks, gift wrapping is a beautiful but temporary art.

Here are some of my passed strategies.

1. A Traditional Look (1997)
Glossy white paper (butcher paper) with velvet burgundy ribbons and bows.  I prefer using hot glue as adhesive.  Don’t put the hot glue on the ribbon, it melts.  Put it on the paper first and let it cool a bit.
The minimalist look of all presents so simply wrapped will only add to the beauty of your tree.  (And it makes noisy, store bought paper look downright tacky.)

2. See Through but Hidden (1998)
Several sheets of thin tissue paper protected with clear plastic wrapping paper.  We all know how fragile tissue paper is and the plastic can offer some challenges when cutting.  No hot glue on this one.  Stick with clear sticky tape.  You can also use butcher paper as a base under the tissue to hide bold packaging and protect against sharp corners.
The gifts turn out a little puffy, and by wrinkling the tissue paper a bit you get a nice dimensional effect.  This can be colorful or pure white for an ice and snow look.  It’s fun and easy to unwrap.

3. Everyone Loves Getting Mail (1999)
Wrap in paper from grocery sacks and use twine as ribbon.  When you cut the bags open and remove the bottom you have a sheet big enough for most gifts.  You don’t have to make them too neat.  Use packing tape and smudge them up with pencils or charcoal for a weathered look.  Finish them off with mock shipping labels.
It’s simple, rustic and can bring back memories of a simpler time.  But have scissors on hand for unwrapping.  That twine doesn’t give up easily.

4. Sex, Lies, and Videotape (2000)
This one may be tricky if you don’t have access to a television station full of old videotape, and even if you do, it’s a pain.  One inch and 3/4 inch tape was the standard used in television a while back (two inch tape even farther back.)  The tape has a glossy side and a matte side.  I wrapped the tape around each package in the tree direction front to top, around the sides, and side to top.  A truly time consuming pain.  (You could use regular ribbon, but that’s not as fun.)
The glossy black wrapping with the matte black ribbons are a dark sight that would make Tim Burton proud.  And unwrapping is almost as tough as the wrapping.

5. Sew Sew Wrapping (2001)
Fabric remnants are great and not too expensive.  I did sew a few and some even got stuffed like little pillows.  But most got the hot glue treatment.
Soft, plush, and fluffy.  Who wouldn’t love it?  The people unwrapping it, that’s who.  With fabric there’s no ripping.  Bring the scissors.  And if you use enough care you can remove the present and re-stitch those little pillows.

6. A Wrapping Splash (2002)
Wrap packages in pain blue paper.  Paste on cut out pictures of fish.  And add an outer layer of bubble wrap to finish off the effect.
Nice and dimensional.  And unwrapping is a poppin’ good time.
I got a digital camera that year so here are some bad pictures.

And there’s Mom hiding behind the splash wrapped gift.

7. A White Christmas (2003)
Get out that protective butcher paper.  Use the formula you learned in grade school, flour; water, and toilet tissue.  Use twigs and leaves as bows, or combine gift to make a snowman.  I thought writing names in yellow was a nice touch.
Finding a starting place for unwrapping is not as hard as the clean up afterwards.

8. SuperSize My Gifts (2004)
Use clean fast-food wrappers.  I thought it would be harder to get so many wrappers, but when I explained what they were for, managers at McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway were very generous.  I uses red and yellow puff paint to write the names and attached empty mustard and ketchup packets as “bows.”
No mess, almost free, and lots of fun.  I’m love it.


9. Light up the Holidays (2005)
Break out the butcher paper, this one’s going to get messy.  You can get make-your-own-candle wax at any craft store.  I used a small slow cooker to melt it down and at first a paint brush to coat each present.  I discovers later just pouring it on from a scoop was easier.  A little extra wax on top and a wick and your set.  And the house will smell like mulberry for weeks.
You may want to try something other then red.  It does look a bit gory.  Light the wick for the finishing touch on the bow.  This will be way messy to unwrap so get off the shag.
And please do not put lit presents under a Christmas tree.

Bags (2006)
Boo! Everyone got a bag of goodies.  Good for Christmas, but not much fun for wrapping.

10. Coloring the Clouds (2007)
First layer, butcher paper (of course.)  Add spray on adhesive and stick on the cotton.  I used unrolled cotton balls.  Then the fun part, airbrushing on diluted food color.  This is very messy, you may want to wear rubber gloves.
Lovely and fluffy


11. No Secrets Here (2008?)
I used regular wrapping paper and cardboard to wrap a purse, like a purse, and a book, like a book.
These pictures are from a few years ago.
I’m thinking of trying it again this year.

Enjoy your Christmas, and if you have any gift wrapping ideas, let me know.

UPDATE: I just saw this idea for making bows and thaught I should add it.

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