The Worst Christmas Gift Ever

Just be glad you didn’t find this in your stocking.

Yeah, I saw this at the checkout of HEB. I did the whole newspaper bit so you’d know I’m not lying. Saturday, December 27th, the last day Linens-n-Things was open. I was tempted to buy it, walk in to the store and say, “I’ll take everything!” 

I’m sure I would have had a balance left on my card.

11 Ideas for Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping

Now that my Christmas shopping is almost done the fun part begins. Wrapping!
Like ice sculpture, sand castle, and fireworks, gift wrapping is a beautiful but temporary art.

Here are some of my passed strategies.

1. A Traditional Look (1997)
Glossy white paper (butcher paper) with velvet burgundy ribbons and bows.  I prefer using hot glue as adhesive.  Don’t put the hot glue on the ribbon, it melts.  Put it on the paper first and let it cool a bit.
The minimalist look of all presents so simply wrapped will only add to the beauty of your tree.  (And it makes noisy, store bought paper look downright tacky.)

2. See Through but Hidden (1998)
Several sheets of thin tissue paper protected with clear plastic wrapping paper.  We all know how fragile tissue paper is and the plastic can offer some challenges when cutting.  No hot glue on this one.  Stick with clear sticky tape.  You can also use butcher paper as a base under the tissue to hide bold packaging and protect against sharp corners.
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