iPhone Apps iLove, and a Few Others

How do you write a post about iPhone Apps that non iPhone user will also enjoy?  I don’t know. So if you don’t have an iPhone, you may as well skip this.  Sorry.

Worth the Money


Air Sharing:  This handy app lets you store documents, pictures, music, or whatever on your empty drive space.  It work over wifi and is a snap to set up even on a PC.  It cost $6.99, but if you move data between work and home, it’s cheaper then most USB drives (and way cooler.)

Mobile Fotos:  A must have for heavy flickr users.  It uploads pictures from your Camera Roll at the full 1600×1200 size.  Other pictures on your phone can uploaded, but they get the 640×480 email style treatment.  The customer service with the company is also great.  When I emailed them a concern (pre upload any photo) they responded about an hour later, on a Friday night, and it wasn’t a bot response.  For that alone they deserve the $2.99.

Grocery IQ:  Don’t wanna carry a paper and pencil into the grocery store?  Why would you?  You have an iPhone.  On sale (as of 11/29/2008) for only $.99, this app work much better then Note Pad for shopping lists.

Hold ’em:  Apple’s game app has great graphics and good longevity.  I’m up $136,000 and it only cost me $4.99.

Marple:  Another game that has sticking power.  A little Sudoku, a little Bingo Plays, and a little Mine Sweeper, you use clues to solve puzzles.  It can be a challenge to learn at first.  But with 100,000 puzzles, you’ll be able to pick it up with plenty rounds left to go.  The price, $1.99.

Koi Pond:  At $.99 it’s pointless, fun, and attractive.  But the holiday special reindeer fish look real creepy.

Rotary Dialer:  This is a great answer to, “Those iPhones are so complex, I would never be able to figure it out.” Just launch this $.99 app, and your complex iPhone now has a rotary dial.  Now it’s even simpler then a JitterBug.

Worth the Time


There are so many good apps for free.  Here are a few of my fav’s.

LockBox:  This one is a must.  All my passwords safely hidden away on my phone it’s much more secure the Note Pad.  There is also a paid version out there, but this ones just fine.

WordPress:  Hey, I’m using it right now.  A good place to start, then add links and style via the web.

LifeCast:  This is good for small simple blog entries and supports WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.  I use it for lonnie247.blogspot.com.

GasBag:  Take GasBuddy, add the ability to log your gas purchases and mileage, and give it an odd name.  GasBag uses Google maps to show you where the bargains are around you.

Daisy Feed:  Finding RSS feeds couldn’t be easier.  Just type in a web address and this little app will find them and add them for you.  I suggest trying it with lonnie247.com

fring:  A good all-in-one IM app.  It supports MSN, ICQ, Twitter, SIP, Google Talk, Yahoo, and AIM.  It is also supposed to do Skype call.  But I don’t know anyone else with a Skype account.  If you have one give me a call at lonnie247.

i.TV:  Great for TV listings as well as movies.  I use it a lot when I’m at a friend’s house without a DVR.  It has also replaced ShowTimes on my phone for movie info and trailers.  NetFlix accounts are also supported.

Last.fm:  That where I get my steaming music (sorry Pandora.)

Sportacular:  With NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL… You get the idea.  Save all your favorite teams to one page and get the scores.

Not Worth Writing About


I have downloaded some real stinkers, but none for which I paid.  I’ll skip the which-ones and why’s.  I think this post has gone on long enough.  But I did want to include my nifty trash can graphic.

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