Fun Times at the Track

What a time.  If you have a gambling problem, get some help and skip this post.  If not, get to the tracks.

Saturday I went to the horse races in Hobbs, New Mexico (at Zia Park.)  I walked in with $80 and walked out with $70.  I bet on every race and even played the slots.

On the horses:  I have a strict strategy.  While others decide whom to wager on based on past results, running on turf verses dirt, or the odds, I go with a more nontraditional route.

One race was all about fashion.  Eight had an advantage (wearing green.)  But when I saw the horses walk into the saddling ring I knew my pick.  One was wearing a full blanket, more of a horse robe.  Others had fancy leggings, and a few were wearing luchador horse masks, but my pony had a robe.  All boxers wear robes.  One onlooker said, “That may be a sign of a fever.”  That didn’t matter to me.  This horse had style.  So I plunked down my money.

Sure enough, in a photo finish, $2 became $26.60.

I talked to a trainers wife at work.  She said, the blanket is just a sign of a well cared for horse.

Other bets didn’t turn out so well.  The one base on name alone went down hill when I considered the horses pre-race actions.  I was picking Captain Jazz or Stormin Ghost, but in the ring a horse named Comical Karon took a dump.  What’s more comical then that?  Captain Jazz placed, I would have won but didn’t.

Another missed pick was My Girl George.  A pick made because a friend’s wife is Georgia.  Dead last, the horse needed an “ia.”

On the slots
:  When we walked in I pulled out a five.  I’m not a big fan of slots, I have a Play Station and it’s a lot more fun.  There were empty seats at a video Hold ’em table, but I didn’t understand the game and you should never bet on a game you don’t understand.  So I moved on to the penny slots and popped in my five.  The buttons lit up and I sat down.  I hit “max bet” thinking I’ll be betting 25 cents or maybe 50 per pull.  “Max bet,” turns out is $5.  Never bet on a game you don’t understand, oops.  When the screen stopped there was a squiggly line and blinking symbols and I won $10.  I pushed the “Cash out” button and walked away.

On twitter:  I discovered that every time I typed in “pony,” I got a reply of “Wheee!! Pony!!”  Try it and you’ll see.

The real fun of the event, like any other, is people you share it with.  Not the winning and losing.

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