Is Going-Out-of-Business, Going Out of Business?

I stopped by Mervyns on my way home tonight to see their big going-out-of-business sale.  I was less then impressed.  Big signs read “60%-80% off.”  And, of course, anything that you would really want fell in the lower discounted category.

I picked through the well pick through rack and found some jeans.  But even with the 60% off, I could find them cheaper elsewhere.

In the past, going-out-of-business sales were a real opportunity.  There was a chance to get great deals that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  Now if you want big discounts all you have to do is go somewhere like  And if on-line shopping isn’t your fancy, there’s always Ross or Stein Mart.  And these places you don’t have the melancholy atmosphere.

Another local shop going belly up is Linens-n-Things.  Same story there.  20% off most stuff that you can find cheaper at Big Lots, Ross, or Stein Mart.

Linensalso had a 15% coupon they would mail out about every month.  So now the real savings is around 5%. That doesn’t even cover the sales tax.

Circuit City is on shakey ground.  Should I wait to see what their liquidation has to offer?  Nah, I’ll just click on over to

My tip is, buy stock in the company that makes those red, yellow, and black signs. They seem to be doing well.

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