Having a Blast in Downtown, IMPLOSION!!!

On November 8th in 2008 just before 8:00 a.m. the Midland Savings Building was demolished. The first Midland implosion sense the Scharborough Hotel in 1973 (and that one was the first ever.) The Scharborough didn’t go so smoothly. The first blast didn’t do the job, so they had to go for a second.

From the 1974 Summer Mummer’s moviola.

The Midland Savings Building, 300 W. Wall, sits at the corner of Colorado and Wall. It was built in 1958 and has 14 floors. For a time it was owned by Leona Helmsley who wasn’t a nice person, or something. The history is fascinating, but let’s get on with the exploding part.

Camera placement.

1 is Rudy, 2 is the abandoned “crash camera,” 3 is Tim, and I’m on 4.

All four at once.

Camera 2 before.

All well and fun but it is a little sad to see The Tall City get a little shorter.

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