Democrats = Plant Closing?

Just one day after the election, Flint Hills Resources announces the closing of their Odessa plant.  Katie Stavinoha of FHR says it would cost too much to make it “competitive in a global environment.”

Is there any coincidence in the timing?  Let’s consider one of the words Katie used, “environment.”  O.K. I know it’s a stretch and taken out of context.

Here’s a quick history lesson.  FHR bought the plant from Huntsman Corp. in 2007.  Before that, Huntsman had it for ten years.

Soon after their purchase, Huntsman burned off almost 100,000 pounds of chemical including hundreds of pounds of suspected carcinogens.  People got sick and about 4,000 came together in 2001 to sue.  Huntsman settled out of court for more than $3 million.  And because this happened to the mostly minority resident of Odessa’s south side, it was labeled “environmental racism.”

In the 2000 presidential race, Joe Lieberman stopped by and used the plant as an example of Bush’s lax environmental policies.

FHR is owned by Koch Industries, Inc. and Koch has a questionable relationship with the environment and the government.

So is it a coincident that Koch would choose to lose this environmental burden, the day after the nation elects a Democrat as president.

I don’t know.  I do know, the closing means about 400 more people will be looking for work in January.

Here’s some sources:
Flint Hills Resources
Odessa American
The Independent
And the Wikipedia page for Huntsman and Flint Hills/Koch

3 Replies to “Democrats = Plant Closing?”

  1. I hope to God I am wrong and that the Obama presidency turns out to be an amazing success, but his economic positions seem to point to a lot more of these things happening.

    Cap and Trade will force energy costs up for all Americans or, as Obama put it, “bankrupt” the coal industry.

    Raising the corporate tax rates will cause the loss of jobs, a price increase in manufactured goods, the closing of companies in America as they move overseas or a combination of all three.

    Raising the individual tax rates of those making more than $250,000 (or is it $200,000, $150,000 or $120,000?) will most assuredly cause owners of businesses large and small to cut hours or jobs and/or to raise the price of their goods and services, as well.

    The Card Check Bill will increase the number of unions in this country to unprecedented numbers, forcing more companies to move overseas where they will find workers who will work for less.

    Forcing companies to pay for employee health insurance or be fined, will cause similar problems.

    Finally, the latest Democratic plan to eliminate 401K’s as they currently exist and to convert them all into government controlled bond accounts will have serious consequences. Not only will Americans lose the freedom to control their own money, but corporations will not be able to count on the American public as investors. Without that influx of cash, companies will not possibly be able to grow.

    Then again, maybe I’m wrong. If we all HOPE enough, maybe the fundamentals of our entire economic system will CHANGE and we will all live happily ever after, hand in hand.

  2. so i will start of by commenting on the actual blog…i agree, very “fishy” indeed. there have been several local cases about plants and the poisoning of the poor here in west texas. perhaps people will stop getting sick now but it is a shame that so many are now unemployed and this plant couldn’t simply comply to humane regulations.
    as for the previous reply to this blog…@ political republican opinion…do you actually call this your opinion? it all seems very “cut and paste” to me being that it is so long and was posted so briefly affter the entry was posted.
    then again, the fact that it is full of such bullshit does make a case for it being “rushed”…but ultimately it does look too thought out and composed to have written it after reading.
    typical conservative…talking out of your ass with other people’s words…or your own stock rhetoric.
    Obama cares about small business and the workers who drive them (unions will protect them). he cares about jobs and keeping them here for americans unlike the republican record has proven.
    so, Political Republican Opinion, let bill o’reilly skew the truth…you keep to doing what you do best…HOPING that you will get an opinion of your own that you can use to pick up chicks at bingo night.

  3. I guess my comment via email reply didn’t work. So much for the beta testing.

    I don’t think Obama will be as extreme as some people say.

    Maybe I need to try harder when the comments are longer then my original post.

    How about some exploding building for my next post? That’s something we can all agree on.

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