Election Hangover

Yeah, I know.  “History was made.”  “This was the most important election every.”  “This will change America, forever.” (both sides are using that one for different reasons.)  All of the important stuff has been covered else where.  Here are some scraps I scraped to gather on the fifty yard line.

Looking at the election results map, I wonder how would it feel to vote red, in a blue county, in a red state, in an election that ends blue.

So if you’re a Republican in Dallas or San Antonio let me know.

Is Carl Rove evil?  Nah, I say he was just really good at his job.  Some of my friends on the left disagree.  To my argument of “a really good lawyer got OJ off. That doesn’t make the lawyer evil,” they reply, “yeah, he died of brain cancer.”  OK, ya got me there.

Carl Rove after speaking at U.T.P.B.  The guy has an iPhone so he’s OK by me.

If you missed the CNN hologram here it is.

“Help me Obi-Wan.”  Help me figure out how this benefits the viewer.

The quote of the night:
“This is not about race.”  Same person ten minutes later “The minorities are taking over this nation.  People it’s time to wake the f*** up!”

Best day after tweet:
manicminute said “so, how does this socialism thing work? was it necessary for me to come to work?”

Best day after observation:
A coworker, Daisy is worried about asteroids now.  Because all the disaster movies have black presidents.  I told her not to worry, it would only be half an asteroid.

And while election night may be over, for me the contest continues.  I made a bet that Obama will not give Jesse Jackson some big appointment.

We’ll see…

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