iPhone Apps iLove, and a Few Others

How do you write a post about iPhone Apps that non iPhone user will also enjoy?  I don’t know. So if you don’t have an iPhone, you may as well skip this.  Sorry.

Worth the Money


Air Sharing:  This handy app lets you store documents, pictures, music, or whatever on your empty drive space.  It work over wifi and is a snap to set up even on a PC.  It cost $6.99, but if you move data between work and home, it’s cheaper then most USB drives (and way cooler.)

Mobile Fotos:  A must have for heavy flickr users.  It uploads pictures from your Camera Roll at the full 1600×1200 size.  Other pictures on your phone can uploaded, but they get the 640×480 email style treatment.  The customer service with the company is also great.  When I emailed them a concern (pre upload any photo) they responded about an hour later, on a Friday night, and it wasn’t a bot response.  For that alone they deserve the $2.99. Continue reading “iPhone Apps iLove, and a Few Others”


Here a new twist on an old post.  I wrote earlier about H.E.B.’s pricing problems.  I would say the mistake was mine on this one, but I’ll let you be the judge.  I brought a bottle of Co Q-10 up to the register thinking it was $7.99.  It rang up at $29.99.  The price check girl and I went for a second look, I got it for $7.99, and it came with a $3 off coupon.  $30 for $5.  The customer wins this time.  Now I just wish I could find that kinda deal on Lutein.

In the small print, $7.99 is for Calcium and $29.99 is for the Co Q-10.  But placement is everything.

Is Going-Out-of-Business, Going Out of Business?

I stopped by Mervyns on my way home tonight to see their big going-out-of-business sale.  I was less then impressed.  Big signs read “60%-80% off.”  And, of course, anything that you would really want fell in the lower discounted category.

I picked through the well pick through rack and found some jeans.  But even with the 60% off, I could find them cheaper elsewhere. Continue reading “Is Going-Out-of-Business, Going Out of Business?”

Democrats = Plant Closing?

Just one day after the election, Flint Hills Resources announces the closing of their Odessa plant.  Katie Stavinoha of FHR says it would cost too much to make it “competitive in a global environment.”

Is there any coincidence in the timing?  Let’s consider one of the words Katie used, “environment.”  O.K. I know it’s a stretch and taken out of context.

Here’s a quick history lesson.  FHR bought the plant from Huntsman Corp. in 2007.  Before that, Huntsman had it for ten years.

Soon after their purchase, Huntsman burned off almost 100,000 pounds of chemical including hundreds of pounds of suspected carcinogens.  People got sick and about 4,000 came together in 2001 to sue.  Huntsman settled out of court for more than $3 million.  And because this happened to the mostly minority resident of Odessa’s south side, it was labeled “environmental racism.” Continue reading “Democrats = Plant Closing?”