One undecided voter

After a campaign that has been dragging on for what feels like six years, who could possibly still be undecided?  Me.

I’m still not sure if I will vote.  Before you give the standard line, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain,” let me just say, that is bullshit.

By voting you only encourage them.

If you don’t agree with the divisive tactics, why should you choose either side.  If you don’t agree with the big money marketing used to “buy” your vote, why should you sell it to either side.  If you don’t agree with the say-anything-just-to-get-in strategies, why should you cast a ballet for either side.  If you don’t agree, don’t feel obligated to nod your head.  When you feel you don’t have a choice, don’t choose.

And never vote purely out of fear.  “I’m not really voting for this guy, I’m just voting against that one.”  No, you are voting for this guy.  Don’t trust anyone who tries to scare you into voting.

A “third party” vote is pointless.  They each don’t even get their own label anymore.  It’s just “the third party.”  “Here’s a waste basket for your vote, thanks for playing.”  I’m not interested in that game.

Writing in “yo mama” or “Donald Duck” or what ever is just plain stupid.  You’re mocking the system and would be better off not voting.  Do you really think anyone really reads those anyway.

Remember even if you don’t vote, you do still have to pay taxes.  That makes you a customer of United States of America.  And while customer may not always be right, the customer does always has right.  So complain on you non-voter.

As for me, I’m still undecided.  I will go to the polls and fill out a ballot.  There is a Democrat that will get my vote, because I know him and he’s a good guy.  There is also a Republican that has earned my vote.  But in the the big race, I may have to sit this one out. Maybe…

Due to the new electronic voting, I will not be able to vote my favorite way.
“For all of those assholes.”

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