Halloween Identity Crisis

Looks like it’s going to be another year of explaining my Halloween costume.

Easy is boring. There’s a costume shop right next door, full of masks and outfits. You’re not going to catch me walking out with a Batman helmet.

A few years ago I dressed up as Lonnie Richardson. Not Lonnie Richardson myself, but Lonnie Richardson the 28 year old snake handler. He died from a bite just 2 months after his father-in-law met the same fate. That one took some explaining.

(That’s a snake on my right arm, and a lady on my left.)

Last year, I was Steve Jobs circa 1975 with a “Blue Box.”

The black shirt and blue jeans were easy and my hacked iPhone played played the roll of “Blue Box” (that seemed fitting.) But I still had to explain and even print out this picture to explain.

I did end up winning a prize at work that year.

Of course my easiest costume, but most controversial, is Jesus. I just wear my toga with a grape vine wreath on my head. I don’t do this one any more.

This year I took the costume of a TV caricature. Spagett from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job.

Trouble is, no one watches that show. So while I make a great Spegett, no one knows who that is. Here’s a clip from the show.

I’ve got the mannerisms down and everything. I even “spook” people in the same half-assed way. I did get a “Lonnie stop that, your creapin’ me out.

Maybe next year Waldo, or Homestarrunner. Although I’m not looking forward to having my arms removed.

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