Advertising as Entertainment

There are a few lot of commercials out that I can’t stand.

Don’t tell me Repo Joe or Whole Sale Sam is coming to town to save me money. I’ve seen Slasher, I know your game. (Slasher is a documentary about a gimmick-guy dealer hire to move cars. I recommend it.)

I’m tired of lawyers trying to build class lawsuits.

Feel free to tell me you care about alternative energy while raking in record oil profits. But don’t do it with a smirk on your face.

And please stop yelling at me. That goes double for you Billy Mays.

Dodge has a noisy spot out now. Truck driving through exploding houses, guys yelling, Nextel chirps (why?), and what sounds like Aerosmith music. At first this was on my hate-list (right up there with Nissan’s “Save by 0” spot.)

Then I saw something about “filming it all from a safe distance.” Oh, you got me, I’ll go to your web site.

Wow! It’s like a reality show. Very well filmed and put together. There’s even characters and a contest type plot.

I’m not sure how effective the campaign will be at selling trucks, but the entertainment value is better then some network television shows.

No truck for me, but I will log on to watch episode two.

And if you too have fast forwarded through it here’s the trailor commercial.

The site is

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