“Why you need to be looking at Twitter.”

Many of you may still have questions about Twitter.
I found this interesting article on-line from the Montreal Gazette.

It is a bit wordy, and I know your time is valuable, so I’ll summarize.

– Canadians vote via Twitter on huge plasma screens.
– Twitter is permission-based stalking.
– It is more important to be followed, then to follow.
– Twitter, and the entire internet, is a waste of time.
– Twitter is good for business.
– Some big companies use Twitter…
– …like Britney Spears.
– Lazy bloggers use Twitter.
– You can eat Twitter on the go.
– Rick Sanchez of CNN is narcissistic, and VERY popular.
– You should not try Twitter, unless you really want to.
– And if your looking for more on the U.S. presidential race. That litters Twitter, too.

I hope that helps.

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