OK, more like be aware. Be aware of what your paying.

It’s an old story and I wasn’t going to post this but it happened again tonight. The price in the isle isn’t always the price at the check out.

The first time I noticed, it was only 10 cents on a pair of cleaning gloves. The second was 15 cents on plastic spoons.

The next time was 50 cents on a six pack. I called that time. The manager said “next time you come down just ask and we’ll refund your $0.50.”

I didn’t thing anything of it on my next trip, until I got home. The $6.99 bag of pistachios rang up as $8.99. I drove back to the store and informed a manager. She explained that it was a problem in the produce department and refunded me the entire $8.99 (and I got to keep my nuts.)

On my next shopping adventure I took notes. I corrected the wrongs at the check out without any question from the checker. I them asked for a manager and stepped aside. When the manager arrived I took her on a tour of mis-marked items. “15 cents on tissues, a dollar on coffee…” She explained, these things were once on sale and no one had removed the tags after the sale was over. She removed the tags and thanked me for my vigilance.

On my next trip I bought contact solution. $7.99 for one 10oz bottle or $11.79 for two. What a bargain, I’m not planning to go blind that soon. But, you know where this is going, when I got home my $11.79 was $13.79. I hopped in the car, headed back down there and asked for a manager. At this point I’m hoping for a full refund. No luck. I showed the guy the isle price and my receipt and he gave me the two bucks.

After leaving I thought, I should have gotten a picture of the bad prices. No worry, on my next trip I had that chance. I then informed a second manager, and he removed the tag.

And again tonight. A big end cap display read 10.99 and at the checkout “11.99.”

For that they get a big ol’ H.E.Booo!

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