Hey, I’m an asshole with a blog. Maybe it’s time for me to chime in on the big issues of the day. Seems like that’s the thing to do. Get a blog, form an opinion, and tell the world. So here goes.

Economic bail out.
Does it suck: Yes
Does something need to be done: Yes
Who wins: Nobody.

Presidential election.
Is McCain running for president: Yes
Is Obama running for president: Yes
Is there a question the American people should be asking: Yes. Why would you want that job now?

Foreign oil.
Do we need so much: Yes
Should we need so much: No
What can I do: Buy me a hybrid, ’cause I can’t afford one.

College education.
Is it important for the future of our nation: Yes
Is it expensive in our nation: Yes
Where is the solution: Mexico, dental work is way cheap there. Just thing of the price cut of a four year education.

Climate change.
Is it a real problem: Maybe
Can we do anything about it: Maybe
What can we do: I’m still waiting on that hybrid you were going to buy me (with AC please.)

Are blogs a legitimate source of news: Some
Should I trust blogs for all my news: No
What’s the matter with blogs: You drink a lot of soda, don’t you.

“Never trust anyone that gets all their facts from the opinion page.”

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