Yay I got a blog!

I enjoy several blogs, so I figured it’s time to get one. Some are full of humor, others have great first person news, and some even have useful info for work. This blog, however, promises none of those things. This one falls more into the poetry category. Not that it is full of beautiful language and raw emotion. More like poetry in that more people write it then read it.

So how long does it take a blog to die? This too will get old and join my other web adventures. My GeoCities web pages from the mid 90’s, my resent MySpace project, and YouTube is only hanging on by the power of the Summer Mummers Moviolas. I am the dead beat dad of the internet.

Sure, I’ll update it like crazy at first, then maybe once a week, then a few times a month. Then I skip a few months, before you know it a year goes by and I post, “Things have been really crazy ‘round here. I know it’s been a while but I’ll start updating again real soon, I promise.” And I will break that promise, never to be heard from again.

So let the adventure begin!

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